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American College of Cardiology and Body Interact partnered to support clinical problem-solving during ACC.18

The 67th Annual Scientific Session and Expo of the American College of Cardiology is gone and we are already missing it!
Once more, the Education Sessions were a great opportunity of continuing education that combined innovative approaches with a variety of learning experiences using Body Interact.

For the past few days, the Personalized Skills & Simulation Center of ACC.18 received enthusiasm and expertise.

Using one of our interactive touch tables, attendees had the opportunity to try several Body Interact clinical scenarios that tested their problem-solving skills and knowledge of current ACC/AHA guidelines.

Our acknowledgment to the ACC team and staff and to all who participated in another great meeting!
We hope to see you again in a nearer future.

Recent study shows a great learning impact of Body Interact system in nursing education

Body Interact has been featured in the study, published by Elsevier, “Clinical Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education“of the Nursing School of Porto (ESEP), in Portugal, by José Miguel Padilha RN, MScN, PhD; Paulo Puga Machado RN, MScN, PhD; Ana Leonor Ribeiro RN, MScN, PhD and José Luís Ramos RN, MScNb.

The results showed excellent outcomes in several topics: easiness to use of the simulator; perceived usefulness and intention to use the clinical virtual simulator in pre-graduate nursing education, relevance and a facilitator role of clinical virtual scenarios in nursing education.

ESEP’s students are one of the first Portuguese Nursing students having access to Body Interact as a learning accelerator tool to complement their clinical education. Check out the testimonial of the ESEP teachers at Sic Notícias (Portuguese TV channel).

We feel honored to be part of ESEP’s education project!

Do you want to build your own Body Interact scenarios? Now you can!

As an educator it is important to have interesting resources to teach and motivate your community. Although Body Interact has an extensive standard library of more than 100 expert-reviewed cases, what if you could build your own Body Interact scenarios to create a customized simulation curricula?

 The brand new Body Interact Scenario Editor gives you the chance to choose your patient characteristics, define the initial parameters and build, bit by bit, the simulation flow, from the health conditions to the possible problems and outcomes, in a very efficient online tool. Then, with a little help from our end, you will have your scenario wrapped up, ready to be used with your class or training group.

Sounds interesting?

Schedule a demo with our team to receive more details.

Body Interact clinical education system just launched a new data and analytics tool

Data is becoming everyday a precious tool for educators to help students to reflect on their achievements and improve their performance by understanding it.

We has just released a new cloud-based tool to help teachers and students to transform the way they teach and learn with Body Interact: the BI Academy. It comes with several tools specially designed for Teachers (the BI Studio) and for Students (the Student Hub).

With BI Studio, a teacher can now track his learners’ performance at home, or at the classroom, having a real-time detailed dashboard; setting up and running OSCEs and evaluations easily, and managing his own Body Interact scenarios.

The Student Hub enables an individual track record about the learning experience with Body Interact scenarios provided by the Teacher.

“Learning improves when the data collected is used to provide feedback for students in a manner that helps them make decisions about their own learning journey.”

Check out this nice article about data and education by Mohamed Hayel Saeed.

Body Interact has new scenarios in Pediatrics and Pregnancy

Body Interact team is continuously putting all the resources and data together to bring you exciting new features and also new specialties.

Moms-to-be and kids have recently arrived to our simulation playground!

Our latest areas of specialty include scenarios of Pediatrics and Pregnancy with engaging clinical scenarios as usual but new issues to take into consideration. After all, pregnant and children require a special attention when we talk about medication dosages for example.

If you already have Body Interact and would like to add these specialties to your simulation curricula, feel free to reach us.

And if you have never seen Body Interact realistic engine in action and would like to have a glimpse of it, you can also contact our crew and schedule an online demo to know more details.

Transform the way you learn and teach with the most powerful and versatile simulation tool ever!

CardioX Brazil – Achieving new worldwide frontiers in medical education

The 72th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Cardiology, promoted by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) in partnership with the greatest international leaders in cardiology, has delivered innovative content to its attendees.

This year, the event included a course “CardioX – Cardiology Experience by the SBC and the American College of Cardiology (ACC)” mostly focused on virtual reality, technology and interactivity. The four sessions performed used a digital table with a software built around Brazilian and American guidelines: Body Interact. “This platform is totally different from the usual learning approach, it’s one of the great innovations that SBC 2017 has”, mentioned Dr. Marcus Malachias, President of SBC.

Attendees had the chance to try, play, heal and diagnose in real time several patients with acute cardiac settings, having clinical discussions around each case and seeing how their actions impacted the simulation flow.
In the first session in the morning, the delay on decision and the action of not doing a certain intervention caused the virtual patient’s death. “We have done a severe scenario of acute cardiac insufficiency and have seen things that happen in our daily basis. We leave this session with a feeling of enrichment and with the certainty that the main goal is to find ways of saving lives” said Dr. Malachias without losing his sense of humor. “Let’s see if we can save the next one”, he joked.

Our acknowledgment to the SBC team and staff, and to all who participated in this amazing event. Watch SBC video here.

Body Interact is being adopted worldwide

Education is empowerment.
Medical and Nursing education is a subject of worldwide importance. The future caregivers are getting ready today and their performance will impact their patient’s lives.

We are happy to announce that our network of universities and institutions onboard on Body Interact experiential learning community is growing.
Currently Body Interact is included in the educational project of institutions from Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA.

It’s truly an honor to join forces with you all!

American Heart Association (AHA) join forces with Body Interact

The partnership between the American Heart Association (AHA) and Body Interact reinforces the commitment to enable health professionals on having clinical discussion and reasoning around real-world-like scenarios, using cutting-edge technology provided by Body Interact.

AHA scientific sessions 2017, held in Anaheim, California, from November 11th to 15th, are going to have six simulation sessions targeting different clinical scenarios.
All details available here (choose Session Type > Simulation).
Save the date and see you soon!

Body Interact has more than 300 drugs available

If you have never tried Body Interact you probably don’t know our resources.
Besides being user-friendly, Body Interact has many features available to provide a realistic experience from diagnosis to treatment, just like in the real world.

Did you know we have several types of medication available?
Depending of your choice scenario, you will find a big range of options to give you a hand.
Body Interact includes more than 300 drugs, to be selected by category, administration mode and dosage, and this list keeps being updated.
What do you need? We have it!

If you are an educator/provider and you would like to receive more details about Body Interact, talk to us.