Body Interact featured on TV

Body Interact in a hospital environment to train healthcare professionals’ decision-making and clinical education.

AHA & Body Interact together on an e-learning project

In partnership with the Body Interact simulation platform, AHA/ASA launches a cutting-edge experience enabling learners to think and perform in real-world-like scenarios.  Features include:
– Sophisticated practice-based content
– Clinical practice of guideline recommendations
– Competency-oriented learning
– Self-performance assessment.

These accredited modules combine dynamic simulation, problem-based learning and game-design to provide an optimal e-learning experience. This simulation activity also includes:
– Interactive life-like patient-based experience
– Realistic physiological algorithms
– Real-time patient health conditions
– Realistic feedback

Advance your skills, boost your capacity to change, move to the next level of your performance!
We’re ready to help you provide guideline-based care, and improve the lives and outcomes for stroke patients. Visit and experience this for yourself.

Body Interact has different specialties available

With more than 100 clinical cases implemented, Body Interact is a game-based learning tool that applies all the problems, elements, and approaches, of a real-life scenario covering the following specialties: Allergies, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Respiratory, Trauma, and Urology. Coming soon: Pediatrics and Pregnancy.

If you would like to know more details, drop us a line. We can schedule an online demo to present you our kind of magic!

Body Interact @ ISC17 (Houston)

Body Interact was selected by the American Heart Association to run Stroke clinical sessions within the Simulation Zone of the International Stroke Conference 2017, Houston, TX. Sessions were greatly moderated by highly reputed educators: Christine Holmstedt, Deborah Summers, Edward Jauch, Michael Mullen, Pooja Khatri.

Hundreds of worldwide professionals had the chance to exchange knowledge, around the case studies developed by experts appointed by AHA. Truly experiential learning sessions!

Our acknowledgment to the AHA team and staff, and to all who visited us.

Body Interact can trigger new challenges

Body Interact has a realistic physiological algorithm that responds to your actions in real time. You can start a simulation with a simple problem and trigger new health conditions regarding your medical procedure. That is why a hypoglycemia can turn into a cardiac arrest, if, for example, you give insulin instead of hypertonic glucose.

If you are feeling curious and would like to know some more details, schedule a demo. It would be a pleasure to meet you and we will gladly show you how it works.

Body Interact now in Indonesia

We are proud to announce that Universitas Ahmad Dahlan in Indonesia selected Body Interact to introduce a high level of experiential learning and develop an intensive simulation-based curriculum in medical education.

Body Interact @ IMSH

We thank all the visitors, customers, dealers and agents for visiting our booth at this year’s IMSH 2017 in Orlando, FL.
We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality.
The exhibition was a great success for Body Interact and gave us the opportunity to showcase the brand new 5.0 version, which generated a great interest.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or feedback you may have following the exhibition.
A special thanks is extended to all our production team and to the designers, marketing & sales team for making the event so successf

Body Interact upcoming events: Save the Dates!

We know that there is nothing like trying things out for ourselves, with our very own hands-on. Therefore, it is very important to test our product so you can check its true potential. So save the dates and events where Body Interact will be present soon and make us a visit!

Take The Wind’s 9th Anniversary

Take The Wind has just celebrated its 9th Anniversary. Anniversary dates are always great opportunities to look back and to focus on the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been part of our story, to congratulate our Collaborators (wonder team) 😉 and to highlight the fact that you can count on us to continue to do everything we can to provide more and more wonderful, enthusiastic and engaging experiences to everyone in our “community”.
Many thanks!

Body Interact will launch the 5.0 version @ IMSH 2017 (Orlando)

Stay tuned and visit us on the 2017 IMSH event of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, which will take place in Orlando (US) between 28th of January and 1st of February. The main theme this is year is “Patients: the heart of Simulation”. We will be at booth #314 – Body Interact Inc.

Body Interact will have a brand new look, new patients and new features that certainly will become the delight of all attendees