Founded in January 2008 by Teresa Pinto and Pedro Pinto, Take the Wind (TTW) is a leading company in technology for clinical education, with clients worldwide including major scientific societies, hospitals, medical schools, nursing schools and Continued Medical Education providers as well as top-10 pharma companies in more than 35 countries.

Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals and students towards reducing the impact of clinical errors, every day and everywhere.

With a hugely talented team and with thanks to those who guided and supported us at the beginning of our journey, we have consistently combined science, design and technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions and continuously create value for our clients and business partners.

Body Interact is a clinical system adopted around the world to train learners in decision-making and critical thinking, with lifelike virtual patients, in hundreds of clinical scenarios. Body Interact enables both medical professionals and students to accelerate learning, develop clinical skills and achieve excellence in their performance.

Our vision is to be the most reliable, engaging and widely-adopted clinical education system in the world.

Welcome to the wave of the future!