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Clinical skills assessment with virtual patients

Life-like clinical scenarios

200+ Clinical Scenarios with the choice to customise

Range of Virtual Patients from babies to seniors

Detailed reports of candidate results

Available in 8 languages

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Supporting your medical and recruitment team

A curriculum vitae, verbal based questions and reference checking are no longer the only means of evaluating a medical candidate.

Body Interact allows your team to assess medical, nursing, and EMS candidates’ clinical skills on virtual patients, using advanced clinical scenarios, chosen by your medical team.

Our platform allows you to customize treatment protocols and if this isn’t enough and you need a specific scenario that aligns to your internal requirements, we can create a specific one just for you!

Assess your candidates on real cases and even review their performance through a video interview. Record these interviews and share them internally to your peers, saving time and money.

Imagine not having to fly candidates to interviews.

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Focus only on the right candidates

Whether your vacancies are for medical professionals at a local, regional or international level, having good data helps you focus your efforts on only the best talent for your available positions.

Short listing candidates based on their results in physical examination, diagnosis and therapeutic approach, provides your recruitment team with the best candidates based on their skills, not a better written CV.

Our intuitive interface raises data-driven medical recruitment to new heights.

Streamline your healthcare recruitment process

Body Interact’s Clinical Recruitment solution, comes with BI Studio, our proprietary recruitment management platform, which helps you make better decisions and minimize hiring errors.

With the support of BI Studio’s analysis reports, you will get a complete step-by-step report of all actions taken by candidates throughout the clinical scenario.

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Outsourced recruitment? Not a problem

If you operate a staffing business or a medical recruitment company, Body Interact Clinical Recruitment is a must have in your hiring process.

With the possibility of organizing competency testing of clinical scenarios by groups, you can manage the assessment of multiple candidates at a time, regardless of the medical facility or position.

Our platform was developed for all user types within medical recruitment. If you are a small or large healthcare provider, a medical labour hire company or a domestic or international recruitment firm our solution is the newest member of your recruitment team.

With data driven decisions you can reduce the risk of bad hires, save your business money and provide your clients with the best candidates.

Attract the best talent

To recruit well you need to attract the best professionals to your organisation.

Using Body Interact to evaluate your future healthcare professionals, will transform your candidates’ experience into something unique and exclusive.

With the pre-assessment training available to candidates online, your candidates will be fully prepared to undertake a competency test using a virtual patient to demonstrate their clinical skills, reasoning and knowledge.

Using Body Interact in your recruitment function will create a recruitment experience that your candidates will never forget.


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