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Online Self-Learning with Virtual Patients

Developed for Students and Professionals, Body Interact online courses use immersive and realistic clinical scenarios that support increased knowledge retention, that allows users to apply their knowledge into practice and improves their clinical reasoning and decision-making abilities.

Body Interact allows you to:

  • Feel the emotion and pressure of treating a patient
  • Learn and practice in multiple emergency situations or focus on single areas of specialisation
  • Gain confidence through learning in a virtual life-like environment, with your results assessed on physical examination, diagnostic activity and treatment
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Keep your clinical practice ongoing with Body Interact virtual patients

Solutions for CPD and CME

Online Courses

Medical Professionals can enroll in certified online courses focused on specific medical specialties. These immersive courses have been developed with our international medical partners and experts, following international protocols and medical guidelines.

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Solutions for Students and Residents

Clinical Learning Journey

The Clinical Learning Journey, presents learners with the challenge to be prepared to manage real life emergency situations. Dedicate time in your weekly schedule to improve your clinical skills and confidence, across different medical areas and levels of complexity.

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Virtual Patient Challenge

Host your own Body Interact competition


Looking for a fun and challenging way to engage with your community?

Virtual Patient Challenge is a clinical competition (fully digitally or on-site) based on the performance of clinical scenarios with virtual patients.

Individually or in teams, participants take the chance to feel what is like to be the one in charge of a patient.

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