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A new learning paradigm with virtual patients

Educational programs
Educational programs

Educational programs

Clinical evidence and well-established guidelines in multiple clinical areas


Foster critical thinking through scenario-based training
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Enhance clinical judgment and high-quality patient care
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Promote knowledge retention and decision-making
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High School and CTE

Boost teamwork and problem-solving skills
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The game change in clinical education

An Artificial intelligence based Virtual Patient simulator with physiological algorithms

  • Competency-based model: A simulation environment where students develop advanced skills in problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Pre-defined scenarios: Save time and focus on students’ development and practical performance

  • Debriefing tools: Analyse students’ actions and thought processes with extended scenario performance reports

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Leading Towards Excellence

Global Impact Study in Clinical Education

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In the Body Interact impact study 617 students and 22 tutors participated, from 4 continents, 8 countries, and 11 Schools (7 Medicine and 5 Nursing curriculums)
September 2020

How to use Body Interact?


Bring a simulation-based environment to your classroom and explore realistic representations of clinical scenarios with students.

Simulation Center

Assign specific tasks and roles to students. Develop team-work and communication skills around the interactive screen.


Use Body Interact as a distance learning solution. Select specific scenarios according to your teaching objectives for students to train anytime, anywhere.

Educator's Tools

Leverage your teaching experience and reach your learning objectives

Body Interact Studio

BI Studio

Track your learners’ performance by having real-time detailed dashboards and the ability to set up and run OSCEs easily

virtual patient Scenario editor
Body Interact Editor

BI Editor

Adapt existing scenarios or create your ones from scratch to match your curricular needs and learning objectives

Body Interact Simtegration


Integrate virtual patients with task trainers, low- or high-fidelity manikins to provide a more comprehensive learning experience

Why Educators love Body Interact

Our students love this. When they see what they can do with it, in their houses, any time, and actually learn with it, they get very curious. The young students find it a very successful way to learn, and educators to assess them.

Dr Edgar Herrera, MDPresident of the Mexican Society of Simulation and Professor at Anahuac University

It brings realism and innovation to the classroom and allows the students to make mistakes and to do their self-analysis of competencies. At the end it enables a debriefing session with the educator. Everything without harming the patient

Leila Sales, MScN, RNCoordinator of the Nursing Department at the Portuguese Red Cross Higher School of Health in Lisbon

Body Interact brings more opportunities for students to build themselves up. To build the confidence, to remove the fear and to solidify that this is what they love. Other schools need to get on board in order to provide their students with this opportunity. They are the future, they are going to take care of us.

Tina GarzaPrincipal Harlingen School of Health Professions
medical simulator on several devices

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If you are not familiar with the simulation, visit the Help Center for FAQs and video tutorials

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