Body Interact wins one of the 5 international WSA best “Learning & Education” products in 2018

2018’s edition of the World Summit Awards (WSA) has 40 Winners from 26 countries, selected across over 400 nominations from 104 United Nations member states.

Body Interact is developed by Take The Wind, whose team is extremely proud to be awarded with one of the five WSA international 2018 prizes in the category “Learning & Education” (after winning the national WSA 2018 prize for the same category). This recognition shows that Portugal’s innovation stands out among the best in the world, through the use of digital technologies that have a real impact on society.

The WSA winners 2018 will present their innovations and receive their awards at the WSA Global Congress in Cascais, Portugal (March 11-13, 2019). The agenda of the WSA Congress will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, assembling workshops, business blind-dates and inspiring keynotes, bringing together the global and multi-stakeholder network of WSA. The Global Champions for each category will be announced during this event. Fingers crossed for Body Interact!

Take The Wind’s CEO Pedro Pinto says “It is a great honor to be recognized as one of the winners in the “Learning & Education” category. We truly believe that Body Interact is making a difference worldwide, accelerating medical and nursing education towards excellence. We feel that our work makes sense when we see that it contributes to saving lives in 4 continents.”

WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states “Today we are living in a completely different environment – through the mobile revolution, through the emergence of the algorithmic age – data has become a capital as much as labor, land money and machinery. Hunting for the next unicorn and better, faster, bigger technology foster the digital divide, instead of mending it. Hence, it is more important than ever to evaluate what is excellent content that really offers solutions and impact. Qualitative, local content has become the key and permanent issue. WSA presents innovation that uses ICT for social connectivity. To connect for impact.”

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Body Interact is a double winner: the “Learning & Education” World Summit Award 2018 and the Bfk Award 2018 belong to us!

The World Summit Awards (WSA) globally select and promote digital innovation with an impact on society. This global initiative, within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches the mobile community in over 180 countries. WSA highlights digital content improving society and focusses on local content with global relevance.

Body Interact team feels very proud to be nominated as the best and most innovative digital solution 2018, from Portugal, in the category “Learning & Education”.

This distinction recognizes the richness, diversity and innovation of digital solutions on a global scale and prove how digital technology can improve society on each corner of the world.

As the winner of the “Learning & Education” category, Body Interact had the chance to participate in the 28th Digital Business Congress, in Lisbon, Portugal. This event celebrates science, innovation, and technology in different areas, and gathers all the Portuguese WSA winners on each category not only to showcase them but also to announce the winner of the Born from knowledge Award (BfK), a distinction given by ANI/National Agency of Innovation of Portugal, which recognizes scientific excellence allied to social and economic impact.

Another cherry on top of our cake was the Born from Knowledge Award 2018. Also winning this award give us one more reason to make more and better. We couldn’t be happier to bring home two brand new prizes!

American College of Cardiology & Body Interact: together in Jeddah for the Middle East Conference 2018

The 2018 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Middle East Conference provides an engaging forum to critically examine evidence-based strategies as well as contemporary best practices and clinical decision-making in order to improve the heart health of patients with cardiovascular disease.

United by a shared commitment of transforming cardiovascular care, ACC and Body Interact prepared an innovative educational experience to strengthen the everyday practice. Body Interact Cardiology scenarios captured the attention of the attendees and promoted interesting clinical discussions. It was an honor to take part of this event and contribute with our experiential learning technology. See you next year!

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Body Interact experiential technology, “it does get real, real quick”: presenting Mr. Michael Ortega, LVN Instructor at RGV College.

«Technology plays an integral role at Rio Grande Valley College. Our simulation room is designed to help students develop the skills they need to become experts in their chosen areas of study.
In this episode of Blue Owl Life we take a glimpse into our simulation room and see how innovation is changing the game at RGV College. Enjoy!»

Copyright: Rio Grande Valley College

ESC Congress 2018: reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases with the help of Body Interact

The 2018’s edition of the European Society of Cardiology took place in Munich, Germany, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of it!
This was the 3rd most popular event of the history of ESC and it gathered not only the worldwide experts but also the young community of Cardiologists, medical students and interns of Cardiology.

This edition also had the 1st Young National Group Virtual Competition with Body Interact clinical cases: 15 teams, from different countries, have given their best to help our virtual patients. The three runner-up teams were Estonia, Germany, and Italy/Anmco.
“Complimenti squadra Italia!” Congratulations team Italy for winning the free registration for ESC 2019, in Paris.

Outside of the competition sessions, the virtual case area has received many, many visitors, and our crew has always been very busy. Between clinical discussions, networking, and selfies with our Body Interact table, the joyful atmosphere was a constant.

Huge thank you to all the attendees who have visited us at the ESC Plaza, and to all the ESC team and staff that supported us. Once again, it was a pleasure to work with you. We are looking forward to meet you all next year, in France!

Body Interact has more than 300 health conditions available

If you are looking for an experiential technology to advance your teaching, you should try Body Interact.
Besides being user-friendly, Body Interact uses virtual patients who are very close to real patients. Did you know we have several health conditions available?
Depending of your choice scenario, you will face health challenges which, depending on your action, may deteriorate to new health issues.

Body Interact includes more than 300 health conditions, from a simple fever to a cardiac arrest, or from a pulmonary embolism to a septic shock due to aortic valve endocarditis, for example. Becoming a caregiver is also facing hard situations, so count on us to empower your clinical reasoning skills, training, and self-confidence!

If you are an educator/provider and you would like to receive more details about Body Interact, talk to us.

Center for simulation training of Ternopil State Medical University: Body Interact as a digital learning tool for clinical education

The center for simulation training of Ternopil State Medical University (TSMU) has introduced Body Interact into their educational curricula as a digital learning tool. For the first time in Ukraine, the students of this institution are able to gain practical experience in medicine, when using the virtual patients of Body Interact.

It is an honor to be part of the educational project of TSMU!

Body Interact: get ready for our virtual trauma scenarios!

Every day around the world, in a matter of seconds, an event can happen and someone becomes a victim of a car accident, a gunshot, an assault with violence, a fall from a big height, etc.
The impact of any of these situations can include wounds, cuts, fractures, burnt, severe injuries, and of course pain.

To give a hand to the training and clinical education of the health professionals who deal with this type of conditions in real life, Body Interact has prepared a new set of patients, with multiple injuries of different natures: the Trauma virtual patients.

Get ready for an exciting new clinical adventure using Body Interact and stay stunned for the coming chapters!

Body Interact has several patient models available

New or old, slim or fat, male or female, adult or child.
Body Interact scenarios present not only several health conditions but also several patient models.

Our Standard Library, includes scenarios from different difficulty levels and medical categories, with a big range of patient models that are already designed.
But, when creating a new clinical scenario on BI Editor, you can customize your patient’s color of the hair, skin, and eyes; if he/she will be overweight or not; what is his/hers height and age.

If you would like to know more details, or simply to have a trial account to explore Body Interact in the comfort of your home or working spot, schedule a demo with our team.