Portuguese Nursing and Midwifery regulator “Taking care of the future” with Body Interact

V National Congress of the Portuguese Order of Nurses

Last April Body Interact integrated, for the first time, the Congress of the Portuguese Order of Nurses (national Nursing and Midwifery regulator).

This entity which is celebrating 20 years of existence under the claims “Nobody is alone” and “Taking care of the future”, hosted its 5th congress in Lisbon, Portugal.
In this edition of the congress, Body Interact was featured at the Innovation Office – a simulation zone where attendees could play with Body Interact educational scenarios, and participate in the clinical sessions lectured by Professor Miguel Padilha, teacher at the Nursing School of Porto (ESEP) and investigator at CINTESIS.

It was a nice occasion to be with the Portuguese community of nurses and to promote networking, discussion and experiential opportunities around Body Interact nursing scenarios.
Our acknowledgment to the team and staff of the Portuguese Order of Nurses, and to all who participated in this great meeting!

Virtual patients in Nursing education, a “game-changer”

The countdown has started, the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) 2018’s event is about to start in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.

The introduction of simulation has produced significant improvements in nursing education, and its digital side has become a “game-changer”, empowering clinical education in a great manner.
Body Interact will take part on the pre-conference tour – Virtual and Augmented Realities: An Exploration in Simulation Based Learning – and will be presented to detail its capabilities and its current responsibility in Nursing clinical education.

The future of safe, quality health care delivery and nursing education is dependent on the integration of technology, and Body Interact as a virtual patient software, alongside its strong algorithm was recently recognized on a nursing research study with remarkable results, where the “students revealed perceived ease, usefulness, and intention to use CVS as an important complementary strategy for their nursing education programs.” An emerging paradigm shift in the perceptions of students and teachers.

We invite you to attend the INACSL pre-conference and conference from June 13th to 16th, and get to know more about Body Interact at the NASCO Simulaids’ booth #201.

Body Interact has now multiple clinical scenarios for nursing

Gone are the days when nursing students had very few simulation learning resources.
Collecting blood samples from a colleague or using a pillow to inject a syringe, are outdated procedures.

We wonder what Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, would say about Body Interact. Did you know we have several scenarios built specifically for nursing education?

The future of safe, quality health care delivery and nursing education is dependent on the integration of technology, and Body Interact is working to deliver you that same safe future.

Feel free to reach us if you would like to discover more.

We are one of the ‘Gazelle 2017’ winners

Take The Wind, the enterprise behind Body Interact trademark, has received the award ‘Gazelle Enterprise 2017’ as a recognition of CCDRC Portugal.
This award distinguishes young companies with a strong growing development rhythm because they are innovative, competitive, with a strong market presence, allowing the creation of new jobs and building success over time.
This award is the result of our daily teamwork with colleagues, partners, and clients.
We are very proud to receive it and feel very motivated to evolve, in order to reach new achievements in the future.

Innovation on Nursing Education

Porto Nursing School students are the first ones in Portugal to train their skills with our smart virtual patients

Body Interact and the students and staff of the Nursing School of Porto (ESEP), in Portugal, were featured at SIC Notícias (Portuguese TV channel).

ESEP’s students were the first Portuguese Nursing students having access to Body Interact as a learning accelerator tool to complement their clinical education. Gone are the days where clinical reasoning decisions were very hard to train!

Nowadays, using their Body Interact touch table at school, or their Body Interact web accounts which are available anywhere and anytime, these students can do a more complete training using our fascinating world of smart virtual patients with real-world validity, from different specialties, on a realistic environment, and without harming anyone.

Check out the video here.

UTRGV going further: commitment to excellent academic education and affordable, meaningful learning opportunities for students

On April 2015, the UTRGV School of Medicine was the only US institution owning Body Interact touchscreen tabletops. Since then, Body Interact is continuously being used by local schools and organizations as a clinical education teaching tool, and to teach and train university students in a variety of healthcare disciplines.
“Usually, when we put people to working on the tables, they don’t want to leave and we have to pry them out of the room.” – Dr. Kristina Stillsmoking, PhD, Director of the Simulation Hospital and director of Clinical Simulation at UTRGV.

Named as one of the best colleges in Texas on 2017 by BestColleges.com, UTRGV is a leading provider of higher education information and resources.

Body Interact team feels very honored to be part of this educational project.
Congratulations UTRGV for taking clinical education further! May we continue to share the commitment for excellence on the road to smart medicine and to celebrate many more success stories.

Body Interact has a YouTube channel

If you are a video-sharing enthusiast, join our YouTube channel.
We have started very recently but we are going to take this platform moving forward.

Have a look at our playlists and discover why Body Interact is used worldwide.
There is some interesting feedback from our international community.

And if you have been to a Body Interact event, or if you use Body Interact as a clinical education tool, record your testimonial and drop us a line!
Maybe you can be featured on our new corner one of these days.

American College of Cardiology and Body Interact partnered to support clinical problem-solving during ACC.18

The 67th Annual Scientific Session and Expo of the American College of Cardiology is gone and we are already missing it!
Once more, the Education Sessions were a great opportunity of continuing education that combined innovative approaches with a variety of learning experiences using Body Interact.

For the past few days, the Personalized Skills & Simulation Center of ACC.18 received enthusiasm and expertise.

Using one of our interactive touch tables, attendees had the opportunity to try several Body Interact clinical scenarios that tested their problem-solving skills and knowledge of current ACC/AHA guidelines.

Our acknowledgment to the ACC team and staff and to all who participated in another great meeting!
We hope to see you again in a nearer future.

Recent study shows a great learning impact of Body Interact system in nursing education

Body Interact has been featured in the study, published by Elsevier, “Clinical Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education“of the Nursing School of Porto (ESEP), in Portugal, by José Miguel Padilha RN, MScN, PhD; Paulo Puga Machado RN, MScN, PhD; Ana Leonor Ribeiro RN, MScN, PhD and José Luís Ramos RN, MScNb.

The results showed excellent outcomes in several topics: easiness to use of the simulator; perceived usefulness and intention to use the clinical virtual simulator in pre-graduate nursing education, relevance and a facilitator role of clinical virtual scenarios in nursing education.

ESEP’s students are one of the first Portuguese Nursing students having access to Body Interact as a learning accelerator tool to complement their clinical education. Check out the testimonial of the ESEP teachers at Sic Notícias (Portuguese TV channel).

We feel honored to be part of ESEP’s education project!

Do you want to build your own Body Interact scenarios? Now you can!

As an educator it is important to have interesting resources to teach and motivate your community. Although Body Interact has an extensive standard library of more than 100 expert-reviewed cases, what if you could build your own Body Interact scenarios to create a customized simulation curricula?

 The brand new Body Interact Scenario Editor gives you the chance to choose your patient characteristics, define the initial parameters and build, bit by bit, the simulation flow, from the health conditions to the possible problems and outcomes, in a very efficient online tool. Then, with a little help from our end, you will have your scenario wrapped up, ready to be used with your class or training group.

Sounds interesting?

Schedule a demo with our team to receive more details.