«It only takes a couple of seconds to be overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that Body Interact provides.
A virtual patient is displayed and, out of the sudden, we are immersed in a clinic, an ambulance, or inside an emergency room, like it would happen in real world. Right and wrong decisions can be made and their outcomes are presented immediately once the action is performed. Vital signs, lab exams, and patient interaction, change by the second and you and your classmates are there, between life and death, being able to discuss and try, according to your knowledge, the best solution for the patient but with a plus: when needed, you can simply press “Pause” and this world will stop so you can review your path in order to check if it was the best option available. This enables rapid thinking to be broken into small bits of knowledge and you can learn on a step-by-step basis that allows memory to work at optimal levels, enhancing the number of mental interactions you can make in the future.

(…) Body Interact is one of the most innovative learning aids available to the public. You can always use it to improve your capacities being you a doctor, a nurse, a student, or a teacher. Easy to operate and available worldwide through its online platform, you are only a few clicks away from being able to impact others in a meaningful and positive way. (…)

Our experience with this software was priceless. We had a perfect 100% positive feedback from both students and teachers who had the opportunity of enrolling in a Student Workshop past May. After the success of the first event, we are already planning to feature Body Interact in one of the major student scientific events our city holds next October, being able to showcase this innovative learning platform to hundreds of Brazilian medical students. That said, we can affirm with confidence that Body Interact is the future of health education, and we are both honored and thrilled to be part of it.

I am thankful to the Body Interact staff, especially to Mr. Miguel Correia and Ms. Liliana Jesus for the kindness and readiness in providing everything that was needed (…) and also to Prof. Dr. Cecilia Vasconcelos Krebs and Prof. Dr. Ivan Paredes that together with my colleagues Fabiola Rocha and Rafael Koerich Ramos, and all the students from Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná, made this Workshop possible.»

Gabriel Ribas

Medical Student at FEPAR (Faculdade Evangélica do Paraná, Brazil) and Body Interact Ambassador