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Students across the Rio Grande Valley, from elementary school to college and medical students, have been able to experience medical procedures via two state-of-the-art tabletop touchscreens at the UTRGV School of Medicine Simulation Hospital in Harlingen.
Kristina L. Stillsmoking, Ph.D., director of the Simulation Hospital and director of Clinical Simulation, says Body Interact is a great teaching tool and capture the attention of students of all ages.
The pair of Body Interact multi-touchscreen tables, housed in the 15,000-square-foot simulation hospital in Harlingen, are used by area schools and organizations as a teaching tool, and to teach and train university students in a variety of healthcare disciplines.

“Usually, when we put people to working on the Body Interact tables, they don’t want to leave and we have to pry them out of the room”
Dr. Kristina Stillsmoking, UTRGV