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Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, in Ukraine, just sarted using Body Interact as both an educational and knowledge assessment tool.

Learners are objectively assessed on three directions: physical examination, diagnostic activity and treatment. The exams are performed within groups around the Body Interact table, where communication and teamwork skills are put into test, but also individually, where students use laptops and are 100% focused on treating their own patients.

“It is an extraordinary thing for study and indeed a unique one”, says MD, Professor Vitalii Kryvenko, the Head of the Department of Family Medicine, Therapy, Cardiology and Neurology. “ZSMU students and interns have the opportunity to work over real clinical situations, to take immediate decisions and not to miss the smallest details. And then to look at the detailed, (per second!) analysis of their actions, see what was done properly and where the mistakes were made, where the reaction was insufficient, what else they needed to work at. The best result by now is 100/92/100!”