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Ensure a successful transition from Medical School to residency with the help of Body Interact expert-reviewed courses by specialty.

Get ready for the clinical challenges you will be facing soon. Enhance your curriculum by reinforcing your clinical skills in a safe environment.

Online courses for current and future Residents

Based on ERAS programs

Internal Medicine Essentials

Emergency Medicine and Acute Care

Residency Internal Medicine

Emergencies in Internal Medicine

Family Medicine and General Practice

Family Medicine and General Practice

How to start practicing with Body Interact?


Go to Body Interact Store and create a free account


Select the course and follow the steps to complete the order


Check your email and complete the personal information form


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How do the Body Interact courses work?

A set of 5 virtual patients

Each course consists of a set of clinical scenarios that you can perform up to 3 times.

After that, you may find explanatory videos that help you understand the clinical situation you were exposed to.

100% online: anytime, anywhere

After acquiring the course at the Body Interact Store, you can access it at any time in the Body Interact app.

You have 2 months to complete all the modules at your own pace.

Certificate of completion

Once all the modules are completed, a certificate of completion is sent to your email.

Certificates can be verified by external entities through a verification link.

Explore for yourself the benefits of practicing with virtual patients

  • Realistic tension and emotional engagement

  • A safe and interactive environment where you can learn from mistakes

  • Real-time feedback. Actions have an immediate impact on the patient condition

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