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Assess clinical skills with Virtual Patients

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Improving assessment with Virtual Patients

The new standard for skills assessment of healthcare professionals Doctors, Residents, Nurses and EMT’s

Clinical Skills Assessment

Perform individual reviews

Annual Skills Audits

Review Team or Department skills

Pre Hire Assessment

Rank Candidates or Residents

Proficiency Testing

Post a sentinel event or incident

Licensure and Certification

Use best practice methodologies

Body Interact physical examination results page

Improve Feedback

Allow health professionals the opportunity to reflect, assess and adjust their performance.
Transform your assessment experience into something unique and exclusive.

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Body Interact Assessment monitor

Implement Standardization

Ensure a consistent and fair baseline to measure performance and remove inconsistencies that came from assessing with different methodologies or reviewers.

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Identify Training needs

Assessment provides evidence that learners are acquiring the knowledge and skills that contribute to healthy behavioral outcomes.

  • Relate concepts

  • Apply conceptual learning and skills

  • Find further training or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs

Streamline the Assessment Process

Assessment Management System

BI Studio provides centralised administration to add and remove test takers and the ability to rank performance across individuals and teams, plus collate reports.

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Why assess with Virtual Patients?

High quality procedures to assess healthcare professionals activity allow the establishment of transparent performance criteria and returning structured formative feedback

Time and cost efficiency

Assess clinical and soft skills

Data driven assessment

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