Ton La, Jr - Medical Student at Baylor College of Medicine

“I highly recommend Body Interact to any medical school, to any student, who is looking for a solution to distance learning.
Right now we’re not able to see patients in person, and by using Body Interact, these are real case scenarios that you would encounter also on the E.R. It’s a great way to use the knowledge that you’re learning right now in the classroom, from your professors. And if you don’t apply your knowledge, such as through a program like Body Interact, then it’s hard to truly understand how well you know what you know. And also figuring out what you don’t know so you can go back and re-learn it.
This is a phenomenal opportunity during these times where we don’t know how long stay-home orders will be and when medical students can go back to clinic to see patients.”

Ton La, Jr, a 4th year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine, competed at the Body Interact – Virtual Patient Challenge at the AMSA Convention 2020. This year the competition was literally virtual, since participants joined online from home due to the Covid-19 shutdown period.
He’s team winned the 3rd place, out of 16 teams nation-wide.