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Watch top healthcare professionals and students’ testimonials

Medical Doctor Jaime Abreu

Dr. Jaime Abreu

Dr. Jaime Abreu's first connection with Body Interact - Virtual Patients was in 2009 at the Portuguese Medical Students Congress.

Virtual Patient Challenge HOSA ILC 2022

Virtual Patient Challenge in HOSA ILC 2022

Body Interact hosted the 2nd edition of the Virtual Patient Challenge at HOSA ILC 2022.

four women celebrating winning the Virtual Patient Challenge at INACSL 2022

Virtual Patient Challenge at INACSL 2022

INACSL and Body Interact hosted the first-ever Virtual Patient Challenge at the Annual Conference.

Medical simulation coordinator Doctor Edgar Herrera

Dr. Edgar Herrera

Dr. Edgar Herrera works at the Health Sciences Faculty in Anahuac University, Mexico; is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator and Fellow of the SSH Academy.

Trauma Surgery Specialist Dr.Antonio Marttos at Body Interact presentation

Dr. Antonio Marttos

Dr. Antonio Marttos works in Surgical Critical Care and Trauma Surgery at the University of Miami.

Osteopathic Medicine Educators from the Alabama College

Educators from Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. John Giannini - Medical Director of the Simulation Center; Dianne Walker - Curriculum Coordinator; and Jim Nolin - Simulation Educator are from Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Osteopathic Medicine Students from the Alabama College experiencing the Body Interact simulator

Students from Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Will Laiding and Arianne Serrano are studying at Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine and have the chance to practice with Body Interact in the classes.

Southwest High School logo

Prof Jackie Valadez | Southwest High School

Southwest High School in California was the first High School in this State implementing Virtual Patients in their Health Career Pathways.

Medical Students from Universita Di Pavia trying the medical simulator

Medical Students from the University of Pavia

Medical students’ representatives from Grupo Kos, European Medical Students Association from Pavia, and Harvey MedSoc organized a one-week Body Interact event.

interactive table being used by medical students

Medical Faculty of European University

Body Interact supports medical faculty students to reach the study outcomes in clinical courses and is especially helpful during the current pandemic situation.

Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad del Noreste simbol with a pc running medical simulator

Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad del Noreste

During the pandemic, virtual patients were available to students as a way to continue practicing clinical skills.

AMSA 2020

“This is a phenomenal opportunity during these times where we don’t know when medical students can go back to clinic to see patients.”

Ton La, Jr - Medical Student at Baylor College of Medicine

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