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Virtual Patient Simulator

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Multiple Patient Encounters

A library of 1200+ virtual patient scenarios developed to enhance your decision-making and critical thinking skills in a variety of environments

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Body Interact is an eye-opener for dealing with the complexities of a real-life case, not just the most imminent patient problem, but the whole picture.

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Problem-based scenarios that foster clinical reasoning

Based on Body Interact’s physiological algorithm, the patient’s condition progresses over time. Define your own diagnosis and treatment plan, act quickly, observe and understand the impact of your decisions

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Visual and audible symptoms

Listen and observe carefully. Patients may present cyanosis, dysarthria, shortness of breath, body trauma, etc.

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Dynamic dialogues

Practice medical history taking through interactive dialogues with virtual patients or their relatives

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Real-time patient monitoring

Monitor the patient’s vital signs. Pay attention because the values update in real time according to the patient’s status

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80+ Physical Exam items

Perform a complete initial ABCDE assessment and re-assess regularly as time progresses

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290+ Complementary Exams

Complete your diagnosis by ordering complementary tests. Choose from electrophysiology, imaging, lab tests, decision aids, and more

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200+ Interventions

Choose which actions to perform. Apply safety measures, position patients, administer oxygen, perform life support, and more

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600+ Medications and Prescriptions

Administer or prescribe medications and observe how they affect the patient’s condition. Select the category, drug, route of administration and dose

Timeline and Performance Reports

After each simulation, detailed reports are available to help evaluate and reflect on individual or group performance, as well as identify and understand correct and incorrect decisions. Access these metrics on BI Studio by using your credentials

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BI Studio

Adapted to your educational needs

3 Levels of difficulty and complexity

Scenarios in +50 Specialities

Available in 8 languages

Cloud-based and available in multiple platforms

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