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High School and CTE

Engage Students with Virtual Patients: The Ultimate Interactive Learning Experience

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Virtual Patients for High School and CTE

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Virtual Patient Simulation for High School and CTE

Engage, Inspire, and Educate with Virtual Patient Simulation

Revolutionize your teaching approach with Body Interact’s Immersive Virtual Simulation Platform, a cutting-edge tool designed for High School and CTE educators. Our platform brings classroom learning to life, enabling students to master critical thinking and decision-making skills through interactive virtual patient simulations. These scenarios effectively merge theoretical knowledge with practical healthcare skills.

Step into the future of education with Body Interact. Our realistic medical scenarios engage students and prepare them for healthcare careers, transforming traditional education to meet contemporary healthcare training demands.

Enhancing Classroom Dynamics

Ready for a surge in students’ enthusiasm?

Promote a safe, collaborative learning environment in your classroom while adding a new layer of realism, emotions, and reflective practice.

Interactive Virtual Patient Scenarios

A core feature of Body Interact’s immersive learning platform. In these simulations, students actively engage in dialogues with virtual patients, enhancing their communication and reasoning skills by identifying unusual signs and symptoms. They’ll learn to identify unique symptoms, measure and interpret vital signs, and try out basic treatment approaches without harming any patients.

Teacher and Students Body Interact - Virtual Patients

Instant, Personalized Feedback

Body Interact’s advanced simulation system offers immediate, insightful feedback, crucial for students in health pathways and CTE education. These personalized reports highlight their strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement, fostering a deeper understanding of basic medical concepts and encouraging reflective learning.

Individual Progress Tracking

Instructors benefit from the integrated BI Studio, a robust Learning Management System within Body Interact. This tool enables precise tracking of both individual and class progress, offering a comprehensive way to assess and enhance student outcomes in health CTE education.

Professional Development Sessions

Enhance your teaching with Body Interact’s support, including on-demand training, curriculum alignment assistance, and practical strategies for classroom simulation integration. These resources empower educators, maximizing our platform’s impact.

Devices Body Interact -Virtual Patients
Teacher and Students with Virtual Patients
Hight School and CTE - Students Tabletop

Use it anywhere, anytime!

Experience seamless operation with Body Interact across various platforms, including our 55″ multitouch tables and a range of devices from Windows to iOS, macOS, and Android. Ideal for teacher-led sessions or individual and group activities, it offers versatile and accessible medical simulation experiences.

Body Interact curriculum integration

Tailored Learning Paths for Aspiring Health Professionals

Explore Body Interact’s unique fusion of innovation and learning with our extensive range of virtual patient scenarios, expertly crafted for High School and CTE programs. These interactive experiences serve as a gateway to advanced learning, meticulously aligned with the National Health Science Standards established by NCHSE, enhancing both engagement and educational quality. The scenarios vary in complexity, encompassing everything from basic to advanced levels, ensuring a comprehensive and scalable learning experience.

All virtual patient scenarios are available in 🇺🇸 English and 🇪🇸 Spanish

Suitable for

First Aid
Health Science
Medical Terminology
Medical Assisting
Sports Medicine
and more!


Myocardial infarction


Food poisoning
Gastric Ulcer


Addison’s disease


Wound care

Mental health

Bipolar disorder


Concussion / Traumatic brain injury
Muscular dystrophy


Stroke / Cerebrovascular accident

Reproductive / Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy
Rupture of membranes
Umbilical cord emergency


Cystic fibrosis


Renal failure
Urinary tract infection


Ventricular tachycardia


Acute respiratory conditions
Airway obstruction
Ankle fracture
Drug intoxication
Myocardial infarction
Wound care

First aid

Airway obstruction
Cardiac arrest
Drug intoxication
Eye injury
First- degree Burn
Hemorrhagic wound
Ischemic embolic Stroke

Sports medicine

Cardiac arrest
Chronic medial epicondylalgia
Hemorrhagic wound
Iliotibial band syndrome
Multidirectional instability of the shoulder
Patellar tendinopathy
Sprained ankle
Trauma brain injury
Vertebrobasilar insufficiency

Community Voices

Why do teachers and students love Body Interact?

Explore different strategies to use Body Interact, either in class or as exciting competitions! Listen below to some reference educators’ and students’ experiences with Body Interact.

Hear from our customers

Body Interact has helped our Health Science students integrate hands-on activities by using the information they learned in class to go through the different simulations. This is such a great tool for high school students who are not old enough to get into medical facilities or to supplement clinical labs because of HIPPA or COVID precautions. It is great to see the students solve the cases and feel proud of themselves for solving a potential real-life scenario.

Kellee Stewart, RN / Kathryn White, RNHealth Science Teachers
Louisville Municipal School District

Body Interact is going great for my students. I like that I can track their learning profiles and see their growth individually.
My students love having the experience and feeling like they are working with patients.
The game-like process appeals to their high school brains and reinforces topics we have learned in class in a fun and creative way.

Carissa JuryCTE Allied Health Teacher
Jefferson County Public Schools

I've been using it with many of our students in class, and with many students from the Philadelphia area during our numerous outreach events. It has become integral to our arsenal of educational tools! We look forward to future patient scenarios.

Mashaal Syed, MSAdjunct ProfessorEsperanza College of Eastern University

In the beginning, we would ask the patient questions, call for a different unit and then based on that, we would act. But when we started to get better and go up to higher difficulty levels, we would read the description and be like “okay, there’s 3 options that this can be”. So we went from “I have no idea what I’m doing” to “This is what it could be” and it felt a lot better!

StudentPlymouth Canton Salem HS

Body Interact is a good program to allow students to have an opportunity to interact with sample patients and learn how to put their book knowledge to use when considering actual scenarios.

Denise OlsenMedical Science Teacher & Health Careers Academy Coordinator Modesto City Schools

Body Interact is an amazing program that allowed me to play the role of a physician, without the risk of actually hurting a patient. Despite it being a simulation, it doesn't lack the feeling of panic and urgency that comes from a real emergency situation. I personally want to become a pediatrician, and dealing with patients who come in with different backgrounds and medical history is something that I will need to get accustomed to. Body Interact was perfect for that, I felt as if I really was a physician diagnosing my patient through critical thinking and prior knowledge.

Axxel CastilloEarly College Program student Esperanza College’24

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