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EMS Continued Education

Keep your skills sharp and earn CEH with virtual patients

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We provide you self-paced online courses in different therapeutic areas. With the help of our virtual patients, you can practice real-life situations without real-life consequences.

Earn credits while gaining professional development. All courses are CAPCE accredited and meet NREMT requirements.
Body Interact is a CE provider accredited by CAPCE.

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Use Body Interact for your EMS Training

EMTs and Paramedics need consistent training to prepare them for emergency situations. It’s crucial to know how to think and act quickly, safely and properly.

The Body Interact online courses help you sharpen your clinical reasoning and quick decision-making skills. Provide care to patients on the street, at home or in the ambulance.

How do the Body Interact courses work?

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A set of 5 virtual patients

Each course consists of a set of clinical scenarios that you can repeat up to 3 times.

Earn 9 CEH per course and focus on your consistent practice with virtual patients.

100% online: anytime, anywhere

After acquiring the course at the Body Interact Store, you can access it at any time in the Body Interact app.

You have 2 months to complete all the modules at your own pace.

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Certificate of completion

Once all the modules are completed with at least 60% success, our team will send you a Certificate of Completion with the corresponding CEH.
Those CEH will be reported to CAPCE as well.

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Explore for yourself the benefits of practicing with virtual patients

  • Realistic tension and emotional engagement

  • A safe and interactive environment where you can learn from mistakes

  • Real-time feedback. Actions have an immediate impact on the patient condition

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Introduce Virtual Patient Simulation in EMTs and Paramedics training

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