Clinical Learning Journey for Medical Students

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Dedicate time of your weekly study routine to improve your clinical skills and confidence through the Clinical Learning Journey.

With Body Interact virtual patient simulator strengthen your ability to make critical decisions with life-like clinical scenarios.

Transform your book knowledge into actions

Develop your critical thinking and decision-making skills.
Sharpen your skills in history taking, physical examination, clinical diagnosis and treatment.

How to start the 3-days free trial?

Free trial only eligible for new users


Go to Body Interact Store and create a free account


Select a subscription plan and follow the steps to complete the order


Download Body Interact app on App Store or Google Play

How does the Clinical Learning Journey work?

An infinite number of patients

Every time you want, you can treat a new patient. You are free to select the recommended scenario or choose the difficulty level to work on: basic, intermediate or advanced.

Repetition and variability

Practice your skills in more than 10 clinical areas and repeat each clinical scenario up to 3 times.

Take advantage of the ‘hint’ system in case you need a tip on what is missing.

Practice at your own pace

Make progress at your own rhythm, anytime, anywhere.

Explore the detailed reports and see how well you treated the patient and how to improve next time.

Explore for yourself the benefits of practicing with virtual patients

  • Realistic tension and emotional engagement

  • A safe and interactive environment where you can learn from mistakes

  • Real-time feedback. Actions have an immediate impact on the patient condition

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