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Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad del Noreste

During the pandemic, virtual patients were available to students as a way to continue practicing clinical skills.

AMSA 2020

“This is a phenomenal opportunity during these times where we don’t know when medical students can go back to clinic to see patients.”

Ton La, Jr - Medical Student at Baylor College of Medicine

AMSA 2020

“It was a lot of fun! I highly recommend Body Interact to anyone who wants to practice emergency cases.”

Jay Bhandari - Poznan University of Medical Sciences


“We use it during all practical classes and it’s perfect for medical education.”

Sofiya Lupovetska, Medical Doctor and Teacher at Ternopil State Medical University

Testimonial Daniel Garcia

“Es un ambiente controlado para que mejores, como un piloto, tus habilidades clínicas y destrezas terapéuticas.”

Daniel Garcia - Residente de Medicina Interna del Hospital General de México

Testimonial Antonio Cannata

“I knew how to treat a patient because I saw the simulation! It’s an amazing tool for clinicians to improve their skills.”

Dr. António Cannata - Cardiologist


Faculdades Nova Esperança

This digital simulator is capable of solving medical problems and develop clinical thinking by using virtual patients. We provide students with the best technological environment.

Emergency Treatment Competition in CMES2019

Emergency Treatment Competition in CMES 2019

The 12 senior emergency doctors work in pairs using Body Interact. They co-complete the diagnosis and treatment of cases in emergency department.


Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, in Ukraine, just sarted using Body Interact as both an educational and knowledge assessment tool.

Critical Decisions in Trauma Masterclass

Critical Decisions in Trauma Masterclass

“It has been so helpful, I can do this education anywhere”

Lynn Hundley - Director Clinical Effectiveness - Stroke Care at Norton Healthcare

“This is going to appeal to Millennials, they want to have direct access to education at all time!”

Dr. Melanie Sulistio - Cardiology

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