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BodyInteract testimony Lukas Drabauer

“It’s a very powerful self-learning tool!”

Lukas Drabauer, MD - CEO of AMC (Alpha Medical Concepts) Sim Centre

BodyInteract testimony Cannata

“It is very important to be able to make a serious debriefing”

António Cannata, MD - Cardiovascular Department

BodyInteract testimony rui figueiras

“We can make mistakes, understand why we did them, without causing anyone any damage.”

Dr. Rui Felgueiras - Neurology

showcase AIMS thumb

9th AIMS Meeting 2018

Annual International (bio)Medical Students Meetings - AIMS 2018

BodyInteract testimony Lenny Nathan

“Information can be retained and applied more effectively”

Lenny Nathan - HealthSav CEO

BodyInteract testimony deborah summer

“We had a workshop with 15 nurses from advanced practice to bedside and they all were engaged!”

Dr. Deborah Summers - Family Medicine

BodyInteract testimony Klyvak 1

“Patients react to everything you do”

Dr. Vitaliy Klivak - Obstetrician/Gynecology

BodyInteract testimony christine holmstedt

“Excellent product and I am really proud about the hard work that we have done on it.”

Dr. Christine Holmstedt - Neurology

BodyInteract testimony marcus malachias

“A lot of creativity, innovation and enjoyment ”

Brazilian Congress of Cardiology 2017

showcase ECTRIMS thumb

34th ECTRIMS Congress 2018

Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis - ECTRIMS 2018

BodyInteract testimony julia grapsa

“It provides a detailed case and this is how you learn“

Heart Failure 2018 by European Society of Cardiology 2018

BodyInteract testimony Antonieta Azeredo

Getting up to date in primary care settings

Dra. Antonieta Azeredo - Nurse

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