Accelerate Clinical Competence with Virtual Patients

A new didactic approach to help healthcare learners and professionals to improve decision-making and critical thinking


Feel what it’s like to be completely responsible for a patient.
Apply knowledge in practice, improve your critical thinking and feel the same pressure as in real life.
Everything is similar to reality; except here, you can practice on our Virtual Patients without the associated risk.

Real Life Complexity

In Body Interact, you have access to hundreds of different clinical situations, ensuring a comprehensive preparation for the real world:

  • Different environments: inpatient, outpatient and prehospital care.
  • Practice with a large range of expert reviewed scenarios, from over 18 specialties.

Virtual Patients, Just Like Real Ones

  • Varied exposure to lifelike situations, from babies to children, teens, young adults, pregnant women, adults and seniors
  • Observe changes in visible symptoms or lab tests that will help you make a more effective diagnosis
  • Understand how your choices influence patients’ conditions by seeing real-time responses to your actions

Feedback: The Way to Success

We believe clinical mistakes should not be silenced. Instead, we learn from them to always keep improving.

Check the Performance Analysis for each scenario in accordance to the well-established guidelines and world’s top experts .


Simulation accessible anytime anywhere

Learning on-the-go has never been so easy. You can run this simulation anywhere, whenever you want.

Solve clinical cases on a phone, tablet, laptop, computer or big interactive tables.

Practice individually or as group to develop teamwork and soft skills.


Who We Serve

Schools and Training Hospitals

To deliver solid clinical competence in undergraduate and post-graduate curriculums through highly interactive and fully immersive virtual simulations

Training Providers

To accelerate careers through offline, online or blended learning, helping learners through on-the-job roleplay and multidisciplinary training


To accelerate cognition and become better prepared for real-world patients, through an innovative self-paced approach with virtual patients

Worldwide Community

All over the world, we are moving from passive to experiential learning


Healthcare Professionals and Students




Languages Available

This type of simulation system will be a tremendous help for clinician educators.

Dr. Jeffrey SaverProfessor of Neurology at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

We can recreate those situations where clinical failure happened, or even deaths, and work on their correct solution. The patients react to everything you do, react to the treatment.

Dr. Vitaliy KlivakObstetrician/Gynecologist and Instructor at Simulation Center of Vinnitsa National Medical

It’s amazing the technology and the ability to work with a touchscreen. This is really going to appeal to millennials – our new learners – who want direct access to education at all times.

Dr. Melanie SulistioGeneral Cardiologist at UT Southwestern in Dallas

It’s been exciting to watch the students learn and become emotionally attached to the cases. In my opinion, this is the way we are going to learn in the future.

Matthew W. Martinez, MDAssociate Chief, Education, Division of Cardiology at Lehigh Valley Health Network

A special thanks to Body Interact that allowed me to play with clinical cases without having the pressure of real patients.

Dr. António Cannata, MDUniversity of Trieste, Cardiovascular Department

With Body Interact, we can start practicing sooner. It’s a very good way to learn. It’s a lot easier to memorize things if I put them into practice.

Margarida AraújoMedical Student

See for yourself the future of clinical education!