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Learn with virtual patients, save real lives

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Clinical Simulation with virtual patients
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Virtual Patient Simulation

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The first and most advanced Virtual Patient Simulator

Enhance clinical reasoning and decision-making skills, boost confidence and promote team-work

  • 1200+ expert-reviewed scenarios

  • 50+ therapeutic areas

  • Multiple patients encounters

  • Increasing degrees of difficulty

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Body Interact Solutions


Foster critical thinking through scenario-based training
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Enhance clinical judgment and high-quality patient care
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Promote knowledge retention and decision-making
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High School and CTE

Boost teamwork and problem-solving skills
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Introducing Virtual Patients to your curriculum

Real time feedback

Due to Body Interact’s physiological algorithm the patient reacts to users’ actions

Cloud-based simulation

Ready for in-person, online and hybrid learning. Available for laptops, tablets and mobile devices


Foster team-based learning, interdisciplinary and interprofessional training

BI Studio – LMS

Assign scenarios to learners and track their performance with real time detailed dashboards

Authoring tool

Customize or create new scenarios to match the learning objectives and curriculum strategy


Available in Chinese, English, French, Japanese Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish

Research and Evidence

Over the 10 years of development, research studies have been conducted worldwide to evaluate the impact of Body Interact in pre- and post-graduate programs.

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Learn with virtual patients, save real lives

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Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad del Noreste

Medical Faculty of European University

Prof Jackie Valadez | Southwest High School

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International Network of Scientific Partners

Body Interact works with a multidisciplinary group of Clinical Reviewers and Scientific Partners to ensure a high standard of accuracy, diversity and learning impact

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What's new on Body Interact

Discover the latest improvements and get inspired by the Body Interact community. Explore new approaches in healthcare education.

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Community Event -Team-based learning
Community Event

Team-Based Learning and Virtual Patients in Medical Education

This year, the Body Interact Community Event counted on the presence of 4 speakers who addressed 4 different areas: Teaching/Learning,…

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