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Introducing assessment with OSCE sessions

We’re excited to announce the new assessment modality through Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) sessions. Tailored to revolutionize how students’ knowledge and skills are assessed, Body Interact provides a new opportunity to expand students’ learning experience beyond the clinical scenario performance.

Body Interact new assessment modality

To alleviate the commonly reported constraints of traditional OSCE formats, we’ve introduced an innovative approach: OSCE scenarios with Body Interact Virtual Patients.

During the simulation, questions will pop up, offering a deeper and more comprehensive learning experience. Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge on the spot.
Questions associated with key actions performed by the student will be presented. It may happen when an ECG is requested or during the clinical interview.

Learners’ answers are compiled in the Body Interact Learning Management System, the BI Studio. In this platform, teachers can collect students’ evaluations and check their performance by analyzing detailed metrics individually or from the entire class.

OSCE session

Our commitment to advancing Healthcare Education drives us to continuously seek ways to improve and expand the learning experiences we offer. The new OSCE-style sessions provide educators with immersive and engaging tools they need to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals, overcoming major constraints often associated with the OSCE formats.

Are you ready to explore the OSCE sessions?

Contact the Body Interact team today to learn more about integrating this new feature into your Institution’s curriculum.

by Rita Flores – Body Interact Marketing Manager

Body Interact Marketing and Communication Responsible, Rita Flores