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HOSA International Leadership Conference is set to be the pinnacle event for aspiring healthcare professionals. This annual conference is renowned for its ability to ignite passion, foster innovation and empower students to become future leaders in healthcare.

For the third year, Body Interact – Virtual Patient Simulator was present at the event offering High School and CTE students an immersive and interactive learning experience, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled educational experience.

Clinical Judgment
Virtual Patient Simulation in Health Careers

Virtual Patient Challenge

One of the hallmarks of HOSA ILC is its competitive spirit. The Body Interact hosted the Virtual Patient Challenge allowing students to showcase their talents and engage in a simulated clinical scenario together.

Find below the exciting competition wrap-up video showcasing HOSA students’ experiences:

The teams that achieved the highest scores during the initial phase of the challenge advanced to the final round. In this final round, participants faced two different patients with different medical conditions and were required to diagnose and treat the patient. From 64 teams, only 10 made it to the final. With an astonishing 88,5%, the Michingasters from Plymouth Canton Salem High School won the competition and took home the incredible award of a full Body Interact subscription for all students and teachers to use during the 2023–24 school year.

To enhance the learning experience further, a member of the Body Interact team, took on the role of providing a comprehensive debriefing after the final round.

Educational Symposium

The Role of Virtual Patients in High School and Health Careers

Seeking innovative strategies to captivate and empower Gen-Z students?

An Educational Symposium was also conducted by the Body Interact team. Advisors discovered the impact and benefits of Virtual patients in the High School and CTE Curriculum, and how it can help them elevate their teaching approach. We highlight some of the benefits:

  • Introduce lifelike Virtual Patient Simulations in the curriculum
  • Foster students’ confidence and engagement in the classroom
  • Enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Promote team collaboration and communication
  • Provide real-time feedback and assessment

By Carolina Ferreira – Customer Trainer | Registered Nurse

Body Interact Training