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Body Interact promoted on the 15th of September the first edition of the Global Network Event dedicated to the Ibero-American Community of users of Body Interact.

This event, fully held online, counted on the amazing contribution of experts from different parts of Ibero-American nations – Chile, Dominican Republic, Honduras, México, Spain and Portugal – for which in the next couple of days we will post details on each presentation. And an even larger spectrum of attendees and interested, with a total of 214 registrations from 20 countries registered to the event.
Scheduled to last around 2h30, the event when on for around 3h due to an engaging conversation on both Q&A programed moments, in which interesting issues, practices and knowledges were exchanged between both presenters and audience.

Body Interact team proposed topic for this event was to talk about being in the forefront of teaching in healthcare contexts using Virtual Patients. And we believe this aim was completely nailed, with the support of speakers and of the audience!

Take a look at the full recording of the Body Interact Global Network 2021 – Ibero-American community

To disclose the veil to what you will find in the upcoming posts, take a look at some of the topics that were discussed:

  • Implementation of Virtual Patients across different curriculums: Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy
  • Integration of Virtual Patients in the curriculum
  • Benefits of the Virtual Patients for teaching and learning
  • Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE) using Virtual Patients
  • Hybrid approaches with Virtual Patients
  • Turning the challenge of teaching in during the pandemic into an opportunity

The upcoming post will resume each of the speakers’ individual presentations

Elizabeth Barrera

Elizabeth Barrera Villanueva


Jessy Cantarero

Jessy Mariel Escobar Cantarero


Oscar OLiva

Oscar Oliva

RN, Prof.

Pablo Sanchez

Pablo César García-Sánchez

Fisioterapeuta, PhD Neurociencias

Thania Espinal

Thania Lineth Espinal


This has been our second event with this layout, a virtual conference bringing together experts from different healthcare contexts, and for sure it won’t be the last one because good practices and challenges must be crosswise shared.

If you would like you can take a look at our first conference, Think Global, Think Virtual, Think ahead.