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An example in the Medicine Curriculum

Professor Soledad Armijo from the Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile, shared with the audience her experience on using Body Interact with students from the medical curriculum. 

The university bypassed the clinical practice restrictions imposed by the pandemic situation not only with the use of Standardized Patients already in use in the University but also by applying a new strategy – Body Interact virtual patients. From autonomous sessions with feedback (monitoring students’ progress through its Learning Management System) to simulation practice guided by instructors.

Also, in this presentation, important tips were shared for educators to ensure the best use of the virtual patient simulator and to help students make the most advantage out of each clinical situation.

Take a moment to review Mrs. Soledad Armijo’s presentation and understand how Body Interact can be a “good cognitive gym” for your own learners.

Body Interact Global Network 2021 – Think Virtual: Part 2 with Soledad Armijo

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