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Body Interact at INACSL

INACSL 2023: Imagine the future of simulation

The INACSL event showcased the power of technology in transforming Nursing Education and patient management, emphasizing the importance of Simulation-based learning (SBE) and Competency-based simulation experiences in this area.

Transforming patient care with Virtual Patients

The INACSL event was a testament to the transformative potential of clinical simulation and the significant impact of Body Interact in Nursing Education. According to Nursing Educators, the Virtual Patient Simulator revolutionizes the way nursing students and professionals learn, practice, and refine their clinical skills. By providing a safe and immersive environment, Body Interact empowers them to enhance their skills, leading to better outcomes and patient care.

Dr. Aziza Mahmud Pérez, Dean of Nursing at Ponce Health Sciences University, highlighted how “students are able to interact with the patients and perform an evaluation”. At the end of each clinical scenario, both the educator and the student can see “what they have done right or wrong” in order to “achieve a better performance”.

Review her testimonial at INASCL 2023 regarding Competency-based simulation.

Evidence-based practice

Nursing Education

Prioritization: Making informed decisions

In healthcare, effective prioritization is crucial for providing optimal patient care.

Body Interact – Virtual Patient Simulator offers current and future nursing professionals the opportunity to develop and refine their prioritization skills. Developing clinical scenarios from different levels of complexity – basic, intermediate, and advanced – challenges professionals to evaluate multiple patient conditions, identify critical issues, and prioritize interventions accordingly. Thus, they will enhance their ability to make informed decisions based on the urgency, severity, and impact of each patient’s condition.

Real-time Feedback and Reflection

Real-time feedback allows nursing professionals to analyze the consequences of their actions and reflect on their decision-making process.
Review learners’ performance through Body Interact debriefing tools and Learning Management System. Assess the sequence of actions taken and explore alternative strategies for patient management.

Reflective practice enables nursing professionals to continuously learn and refine their patient management skills. Ultimately they will be improving their ability to deliver quality care while ensuring patient safety.

Building Confident and competent healthcare professionals

Through realistic simulations and real-time feedback, the nursing simulator fosters confidence and competence, preparing nurses to handle real-life situations with greater ease and proficiency. Combining practice, feedback, and reflection contributes to better performance and outcomes in nursing practice.

Body Interact provides a continuous journey of learning, growth, and honing of skills, resulting in exceptional patient outcomes and the delivery of high-quality care leading to proficiency in nursing practice.


The INACSL Annual Conference is a leading forum for simulationists, researchers, and solution providers creating the ideal environment to gain and disseminate current, state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of skills, simulation operations, and applications in an evidenced-based venue.

At INACSL23, 600+ healthcare professionals had the opportunity to network with colleagues and exhibitors, discuss best practices as it relates to competencies, safety, and quality performance indicators, and advance the science of simulation.

By Ana Santa – Educational Content Development | Registered Nurse

Ana Santa