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As technology evolves, so does the generation’s demands. Their interests, needs and motivations are now focused on gamified methodologies. For them, knowledge must be tested and consolidated on a problematic situation, where they need to find a solution for.

With a strong capability to adapt to what is new, and with a vast tech-driven mind, new learners require likeable educative tools and expect exciting activities in class. Most of all, students hold on to the idea that it is the teacher’s responsibility to capture their intrinsic motivation, as well as their attention and satisfaction to the content taught.

Prepare today the challenges of tomorrow

According to Gerdprasert et al., “the goal of healthcare education is to prepare today’s students to meet the challenges of tomorrow”. Therefore, we couldn’t agree more with Weller by saying “simulation offers students a unique opportunity to learn through experienced, aided by reflection and feedback and the opportunity to practice”.

Due to a well-developed physiological algorithm, Body interact is dynamic, allowing the students to experience different levels of patient deterioration that can impact on their decision and consequently learning opportunity. Even for those who have never faced a real patient, it stands as a realistic tool that works through a more effective learning process with a higher level of knowledge retention.


For these reasons, Body Interact stand as a fundamental new didactic approach to be used by educators. It gets students’ attention and interest by letting them feel completely responsible for a patient.

With this Virtual Patient Simulator, students will no longer be bored at home and will feel motivated again. Virtual patients will help them break the daily monotony by consistently providing with scenarios, new health conditions and new challenges.

Virtual Patients

Training in a safe environment and with the security of causing no harm to a real person, allows students to be focus on putting their knowledge into practise and learning from each experience.

As simulation-based clinical education provides a safe, risk-free, yet powerful approach to healthcare related education, Body Interact also stands as a great solution to guarantee students’ practice ongoing during COVID-19 shutdown.

Body Interact allows the students to continue with their distance learning by accessing clinical scenario with virtual patients. Either mediated by the Professor, on an online class or by setting training or evaluation sessions for students personal account, Body Interact provides unlimited access to all learners and educator in the same campus,

Interested to know how you can integrate Body Interact in your curriculum?

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