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Leading the Change in Health CTE: The Virtual Patient Approach at Blackfoot High School

At Blackfoot High School, Jenny Collier, a professional RN and teacher, stands at the forefront of health education. With a passion for teaching and a drive to inspire the next generation of medical professionals, Jenny is constantly seeking innovative ways to engage her students.

Jenny’s journey with Body Interact began when she discovered the platform through her state CTE Director. Recognizing its potential to transform the learning experience, Jenny wasted no time in integrating the Virtual Patient Approach into her curriculum. What started as a simple introduction soon blossomed into a school-wide initiative, with every interested student gaining access to the app – from high school to middle school, even extending to the independence high school.

One of the features that immediately caught Jenny’s attention was the tilt table screen. She knew that students would be captivated by the interactive nature of the platform, especially when it came to titling the table and simulating real-life scenarios. Indeed, the ability to engage with technology in such a hands-on manner proved to be a powerful motivator for her students, inspiring them to delve deeper into the world of health professions through the Virtual Patient Approach.

Enhancing Clinical Skills with the Virtual Patient Approach

Central to the success of Body Interact is its emphasis on assessment skills and the order of operation for simulations. By immersing students in lifelike scenarios, the platform prepares them for the challenges they will face in their future careers. Jenny observed that her students thrived on these simulation activities, eagerly honing their skills while gaining a deeper understanding of medical terminology and procedures through the Virtual Patient Approach.

Moreover, Body Interact has played a pivotal role in Jenny’s efforts to secure funding for her CTE program. By showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing student learning, she successfully led Idaho’s grant application, further solidifying Blackfoot High’s position as a leader in health education with the Virtual Patient Approach.

 Body Interact: A Tool for Future Healthcare Professionals

But the impact of Body Interact doesn’t end there. Jenny has also leveraged the platform to enrich extracurricular activities, such as the HOSA club training. By providing students with access to interactive case studies, Body Interact has empowered them to compete at the highest level, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to excel in state competitions through the Virtual Patient Approach.

Perhaps most importantly, Jenny has witnessed firsthand the transformative effect that Body Interact has had on her students. From increased engagement to improved performance, the benefits are clear. Students are not only learning the intricacies of health professions but also developing critical thinking skills and a holistic approach to patient care.


For Jenny, Body Interact is more than just a teaching tool – it’s a gateway to endless opportunities. Whether used in the classroom, for self-directed learning, or as a reward for hard work, the platform has become an indispensable asset in her arsenal of educational resources.

As she reflects on her journey with Body Interact, Jenny is filled with optimism for the future of health education at Blackfoot High School. With each simulation, each breakthrough, she is confident that her students are one step closer to realizing their dreams of making a difference in the world of medicine. And with Body Interact leading the way, the possibilities are truly limitless.

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By Carolina Ferreira – Customer Trainer | Registered Nurse

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