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AMSA Convention – Future Physicians for Change

Body Interact and Wolters Kluwer partnered to host the Virtual Patient Challenge at the American Medical Student Association’s annual conference in June 2023 – AMSA Convention. A traditional summer conference that joins together future healthcare professionals.

The conference titled “Future Physicians for Change” was held in Phoenix, Arizona and brought together 800 medical and pre-medical students. From across the globe, all participants had the chance to attend keynote sessions, visit the exhibit hall, and participate in contests and challenges.

Dozens of students stopped at the Wolters Kluwer booth to take part in the Virtual Patient Challenge, working together in teams to save virtual patients. Many students enjoyed the challenge so much that they returned to attempt it more than once!

Review students’ experiences and thoughts regarding the Virtual Patient Simulator:

  • A great resource to see what it’s like to work with real patients;
  • An amazing strategy to see what it’s like working as part of a team;
  • A helpful tool to develop critical thinking in an engaging and educational way.