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Professor Ahmed Rhassane El Adib, Educational Manager of Marrakesh Simulation and Innovation in Health and the Vice-President of the Moroccan Society of Medical Simulation, a regular user of Body Interact in his University shared with us his point of view about the benefits of implementing this simulation tool with the current medical students, future doctors.

Professor El Adib shared that they make use of Body Interact across different levels, in the medical but also nursing curriculums at Cadi Ayyad University.

Pedagogical key topics such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, active learning concerns, serious games, expertise acquisition, and mastery and how all of these concepts come together and materialize on critical thinking and clinical reasoning development, are addressed, among many other relevant topics, in this interesting presentation. Take a look:

Body Interact Global Network event – Think Ahead: Part 1 with Ahmed Rhassane El Adib

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