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Grant Eligibility

Discover how Body Interact can qualify for local, state, or national grants.

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Grant Eligibility - doctor and a student promoting Body interact Ambassador Program

Bring Innovation into Health Care Careers

Foster students’ critical thinking and teamwork with Virtual Patient Simulation. Modernize traditional Health Science Education to better prepare students and meet industry needs.

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An eligible classroom resource for this grant opportunity

  • Career readiness – Explore the roles and responsibilities of different healthcare professionals. Foster interdisciplinary training in a safe and controlled environment

  • Knowledge consolidation – Train students to identify and manage common emergencies, building a strong foundation for their future health careers

  • Active learning – Bring a new layer of realism, emotions, and reflective practice into your classroom. Apply medical terminology, interpretation of vital signs, critical thinking, and problem-solving

  • Real-time feedback – Work on the step-by-step processes of clinical education. Understand the importance of assessment, communication, interaction, planning, and evaluation of a patient’s status

  • Teachers training – Access continue support and on-demand training. Maximize the software’s potential and implement cutting-edge activities aligned with the curriculum

  • Curriculum integration – Explore the extensive library of virtual patients with relevant and diverse clinical situations aligned with the National Health Science Standards set by NCHSE

Where to use Body Interact?


Foster confidence and engagement among students through teacher-led sessions or small groups practice

Individual practice

Assign homework or inside-classroom activities toward knowledge or skills consolidation or improvement

HOSA State Conferences

Host exciting competitions and challenge students to interact with a Virtual Patient as a real healthcare professional

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