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Implement Body Interact virtual patients in your curriculum with available fundings for your simulation program

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Improve educational equipment and tools in simulation

Enhance your students’ critical thinking and decision-making skills with Virtual Patients. Body Interact lifelike clinical scenarios bring a new layer of realism, emotions, and engagement into your classroom.

Are you looking for alternative solutions in 2021?

Find out if your institution has already qualified for HEERF II allocations.
If your organization is not included on this list, apply until April 15, 2021.

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Discover Body Interact
Virtual Patients Simulation

  • Reduce Clinical Errors – As a Virtual Patient Simulator for Clinical Education, Body Interact accelerates critical thinking and develops decision-making skills while focusing on patient safety

  • Real-time feedback – With an advanced physiological algorithm each virtual patient reacts immediately to the users’ actions. Presents comprehensive feedback so that learners identify areas of improvement

  • Standardized clinical encounters – An extensive library of virtual patients with relevant and diverse clinical situations, enables educators to apply innovative teaching and assessment methodologies

  • Overcome simulation space limitations – Practice with virtual patient scenarios in class, simulation center, or at home. From basic to advanced, scenarios can be implemented across different levels of your curriculum

  • Safe care environment – Work on the step-by-step processes of clinical education. Understand the importance of assessment, communication, interaction, planning, and evaluation of a patient’s status

  • Students take the lead – Bridge the gap between the classroom and real-life care. Help students master their confidence by focusing on their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills

Where to use Body Interact?


Bring a simulation-based environment to your classroom and explore realistic representations of clinical scenarios

Simulation Center

Assign specific tasks and roles to learners. Develop teamwork and communication skills around the interactive screen


Use Body Interact as a distance learning solution. Match your teaching objectives and enable practice anytime, anywhere

Explore Body Interact solutions eligible for funding opportunities


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Community College

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High School and CTE

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