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Critical Decisions in Trauma Masterclass

Critical Decisions in Trauma Masterclass

“It has been so helpful, I can do this education anywhere”

Lynn Hundley - Director Clinical Effectiveness - Stroke Care at Norton Healthcare

“This is going to appeal to Millennials, they want to have direct access to education at all time!”

Dr. Melanie Sulistio - Cardiology

“A tremendous help for clinician educators”

Dr. Jeffrey Saver - Neurology

A new perspective on cardiovascular risk

Dr. Manuel Henriques

Dr. Matthew Martinez

“This is the way we’re going to learn in the future”

Dr. Mathew Martinez - Cardiology

Just like in the Emergency Room

Dr. Eurico Silva - Family Medicine

“The students are very happy, they learn a lot, (…) they stress less than with the usual simulator.”

Dr. Manuel José Párraga Ramírez - Director of the Simulation and Clinical Skills at UCAM

“A great advantage is building team-based expertise”

Dr. Edward Jauch - Professor and Director Division of Emergency Medicine

“Helpful to retain information in a time efficient manner”

Dr. Michael Kiernan - Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine

“I’m sure this will improve the learning curve”

Dr. Ikenna David Ike - Intern at Russian National Research Medical University

“A good way to practising our guidelines. Overall, a wonderful experience!”

Dr. Skyler Griffith

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