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Lisbon hosted the 28th Annual Meeting of the Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM), this year under the motto “Shaping the future of Simulation Together”.
The event was attended by simulation enthusiasts from all over the world and key speakers from the simulation in the healthcare area gave engaging talks.

Body Interact – Virtual Patient Simulator attended the meeting, with a colourful led wall stand and presented an interesting and holistic workshop about the use of Virtual Patients.

Body Interact stand at SESAM 2023

The event brought together familiar faces of the Body Interact team to our cool brand-new stand. Take a look:

Body Interact at SESAM 2023
Body Interact at SESAM 2023

Simulation-Based Assessment

We couldn’t ask for a better ambassador for Body Interact than Professor Leila Sales from the Portuguese Red Cross Higher School of Health.

Professor Leila Sales is the current President of the Pedagogical Council and Director of the Nursing Teaching Area of the Portuguese Red Cross Higher School of Health in Lisbon. She is a Nurse Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing, with a Master’s in Nursing and a PhD in Nursing with a Specialization in Health Unit Management and Nursing Services (in the area of patient and medication safety).

Body Interact workshop at SESAM 2023

The workshop started with a brief presentation by one of the Body Interact team members regarding the importance of assessment in healthcare-based curriculums, leading to the workshop focus – Simulation-based assessment.

What this workshop provided was a unique opportunity to have an overview of the usefulness of Body Interact for teaching, learning, training and assessing nursing students, not only on the voice of Profesor Leila Sales but also the opportunity to hear from the students Mateus Magalhães. She gave an engaging presentation merging together in this workshop the following topics that we invite you to explore:

  • Body Interact as a pedagogical opportunity
  • A Student Perspective
  • Assessment and OSCEs with Body Interact
  • Simtegration – Combining virtual patients with other simulation tools
  • Portuguese Red Cross Higher School of Health in Lisbon – Lisbon Experience
  • Virtual Patients in the Curriculum
  • Q&A and opportunity to try Body Interact – Virtual Patients

Professor Leila Sales’ presentation and Mateus Magalhães’ feedback provided a powerful message on how valid Virtual Patients are and can be for nursing curriculums.
The Nursing Educator also let us know of a curriculum novelty that in the upcoming curriculum year will be presented – a new subject regarding clinical reasoning, using solely Body Interact Virtual Patients.

We hope to provide you with feedback on this topic next year!

Simulation-based Assessment
Prof. Ichiro Kaneko at SESAM

By Daniela Abreu – Body Interact’s  Instructional Designer

Daniela Abreu - Body Interact Instructional Designer