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Dr Redante D. Mendoza at Body Interact - Global Network Event 2022

Presentation by Dr. Redante Mendoza


Dr. Redante Mendoza has been involved in Education and Training for more than 15 years. Originally based in Singapore, he is now in the Philippines where is currently teaching Innovation and e-learning at St Luke’s Center College of Medicine.

At the University, before implementing any technology system or platform it is necessary to study the tool and Dr. Redante took the chance to share the results at the Global Network Event 2022.

How satisfied are students with learning with Virtual Patients?

By implementing Body Interact in the 1st and 2nd years, medical students got the chance to augment their experience with real patients.

At the same time, students in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years have the Virtual Patient Simulator included in their curriculum. Included in different subjects, students got the chance to solve clinical scenarios in parallel with the theoretical knowledge they are exposed to.
According to Dr. Redante, virtual patients are a highly positive experience for students, especially when used for small group assignments and with a dedicated mentor providing immediate feedback.

Challenges and Solutions

When schools were closed due to the pandemic situation and clinical rotations were not allowed, Body Interact was introduced as a simulation solution by the school.
Connectivity and hardware were the main challenges of educators, now that students were all around the archipelago and not on Campus. Additionally, learners felt isolated when practicing, nevertheless, in Dr. Redante’s opinion, Body Interact new multiplayer function can be the perfect solution by enabling students to solve the same clinical scenario, at the same time and on different devices.

In the future, Dr. Redante would also like to combine Body Interact with other simulator tools for a more complete training experience for the students, as well, as using it for OSCEs.

Explore the details of this presentation in the video:

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by Rita Flores – Body Interact Mkt and Communication Coordinator

Body Interact Marketing and Communication Responsible, Rita Flores