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The second panel Body Interact Global Network event explored with deeper detail the virtual patients’ world.

This panel – Think Virtual: An immersive simulation experience with virtual patients – counted on the expertise of Professors Lorraine Betts (George Brown College), Soledad Armijo (Universidad del Desarrollo), Paata Tsagareishvili (David Tvildiani Medical University), and H. Ösp Egilsdottir (University of South-Eastern Norway).

Enhance Simulation Experiences for Undergraduate Nursing Students with virtual patients

Since 2015, George Brown College, in Canada has been using Body Interact virtual patients, both in-person and virtual format, to enhance simulation experience for undergraduate nursing students.  

With the help of Ms. Lorraine Betts – professor of Simulation Education – the audience had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in one of Ms. Betts’ classes.

Either in teams or individually, students are challenged to address their future roles and put their knowledge into practice, observe the impact of their actions and understand the rationale behind the decisions taken. 

Explore Professor Betts’ presentation and see how Body Interact enhances simulation and experience for undergraduate nurses, and why George Brown College implemented it on their curriculum.

Body Interact Global Network 2021 – Think Virtual: Part 1 with Lorraine Betts

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Body Interact Global Network event – Think Virtual: Part 2 with Soledad Armijo