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Dr Taysir Said Garadah at Body Interact Global Network Event 2022

Presentation by Professor Taysir Said Garadah, MD

Students from Arabian Gulf University have been practicing with Body Interact for the last four years.

Professor Taisir Garada, professor of medicine and cardiology and the Director of Medical Skills and Simulation Center of the same University, participated in our Global Network Event 2022 sharing their experience implementing a one-on-one learning strategy in Medicine using Body Interact – Virtual Patients.

What are the benefits of practicing with Body Interact?

In the opinion of Prof. Taisir Garada, Body Interact should be used in a one-on-one learning strategy. In the professor’s opinion and based on the outcome and the implications, challenging students to practice individual would:

  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Sharpen the speedy interaction
  • Promote active learning and direct engagement between the student and the virtual patient
  • Drive the student to master physical findings, clinical laboratory results analysis, and make their own management plan

Another great benefit, especially when students achieved low-scored performances, was the chance to repeat over again the same clinical scenario until they reach mastery.

Practicing today, applying tomorrow!

Prof. Taisir Garada recognized Body Interact as an “artificial intelligence tool that filled a gap in the medical education process in the Arabian Gulf University”.

By enabling students to practice their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills today, he believes that they will “have a better medical practice in the future” as they “have the online cases” and then “they live it as in a real Emergency Room”.

Review the knowledge and experiences shared in the video below:

by Rita Flores – Body Interact Mkt and Communication Coordinator

Body Interact Marketing and Communication Responsible, Rita Flores