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Body Interact, the Virtual Patient Simulator will make its presence at the IMSH 2022 at booth #419 and we would like to invite you to visit us.

You will find our team at the booth to showcase the new features but we would like to let you know in first hand some of the events Body Interact will be proposing for what is the world largest healthcare simulation expo:

  • On the 17th of January at 3pm we will have our Overcoming challenges of clinical education with Virtual Patient Learning Lab in which you can count on the expertise of international speakers;
  • Each day we will have on our booth one-of-a-kind workshops with renowned speakers that will present their vision on the usefulness of Body Interact Virtual Patients.

Talking about new features, we will lift a bit the veil so you can take a look at some we will be showcasing during the event:

Augmented Reality (AR) with Body Interact

Body Interact - virtual patient simulation in Augmented Reality

What is awesome about using AR is that you can add a layer of simulation to the real world, anytime, anywhere.

With this feature with your Android or iOS device you can do in situ simulations transforming the actual clinical environment into your classroom, or in loco simulations, this way the elements of the place you are at (clinical setting, street, classroom, etc.) become part of the simulation.

Envision the possibility to put vital signs in a CPR manikin or having your patient answer questions to your students but having the clinical reasoning and decision-making being done in Body Interact clinical scenario. A world of possibilities!

Simtegration with Body Interact

Body Interact table with students practicing as a team

Have you tried it out? So, what we propose is to make the best of what you already have available in your simulation center while navigating a clinical scenario of Body Interact. Integrate Body Interact virtual patients with other types of simulators like task trainers, low or high-fidelity manikins, standardized patients to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

Have you made the decision to start compressions for your virtual patient? Stop the simulation and train the procedure in the CPR manikin you have in your simulation lab.
This way you will promote the integration of the reasoning skills Body Interact promotes (clinical reasoning, decision-making, diagnosis, prioritizing, critical thinking skills) with the tasks provided by manikins and/or communication skills with standardized patients.

Multiplayer with Body Interact

Introducing Body Interact multiplayer new function

Our incredible team is preparing a multiplayer engaging feature so you can assemble a team and dive into a simulated clinical case making a shared decision process, discussion and resolution in real-time.

This cross-platform feature will allow you to invite a group of users to join you live, each one on his own device. Participants will get together in a virtual lobby and start from there, furthermore, clinical reasoning skills, teamwork, and leadership will be put to the test. Different users around the globe can connect simultaneously, and while you may be doing a thorough physical exam, another user in a different continent may start the therapeutical approach to your patient. One’s actions reflect on everyone’s simulation.

We will keep you updated both on our social networks and on the Body Interact website.

Will you join us there? Don’t forget, our team will be waiting for your visit at Booth #419!