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SIMMED 2023: Highlights & Innovations from the Italian National Congress of Medical Simulation

SIMMED 2023, the Italian National Congress of Medical Simulation, took place on the 12th and 13th of October in Genoa, at the San Martino Hospital Congress Center. The event had the participation of more than 200 people, with several sponsors, and a Body Interact-themed workshop.


Workshop – SimIntegration: the trend of new and old simulators

The workshop entitled “SimIntegration: the trend of new and old simulators” was organized with the collaboration of Nume Plus, exclusive distributor of Body Interact in Italy.


A crowd of people attended the session, led by Antonio Scalogna, Simulation expert and technician at the SIMNOVA Center, who showed how, in his experience, an integration between virtual patients and other traditional simulators (such as mannequins, task trainers and simulated patients) is not only possible, but also desirable.

SimIntegration allows innovative systems such as Body Interact to be combined with traditional simulators, often set aside and unused. The aim is to provide learning experiences based on decision making and critical thinking with manual intervention procedures, especially within interdisciplinary teams.

Testimonial from Antonio Scalogna

Testimonial from Alessia Bolamperti

Alessia Bolamperti, nurse and colleague of Antonio Scalogna, usually uses the system in the 2nd and 3rd year of Nursing course, also combining interdisciplinary teams (4 nurses and 1 physician to solve a scenario). She gave a positive feedback on this new possible use of Body Interact – SimIntegration – since it is interesting also from the point of view of a facilitator who wants to combine clinical reasoning with manual skills.

SIMMED 2023 Annalisa Pellecchia

After her Master Degree in Business Management, she joined Nume Plus in 2018 where she works as Product Specialist for Body Interact, but also as Key Account to deal with customer portfolio management, external relations and commercial negotiations.