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Oscar Martinez

Presentation by Professor Oscar Martinez

Professor Oscar Martinez from the Puerta de Hierro-Majadahonda University Hospital started his presentation by remembering how gaming has been part of our life and how it is used to integrate knowledge. As kids we used to play with cardboard boxes and, nowadays, kids play on screen.

At first, he realizes that Body Interact could be seen as a war game where we shoot/make choices until we aim at the target, but without much thought and strategy being applied to the same decision.
However, surrounded by the appropriate context and combined with other simulation resources, Prof. Oscar believes that it can boost the learning progress of students.


We term the combination of Body Interact Virtual Patients and other simulation resources as SIMtegration. By integrating the story brought by the Body Interact clinical scenario and the physiological algorithm behind it, every time there is the need to request an exam, do an intervention or call for differentiated help, for example, the educator would pause the scenario, and ask the student to perform the intervention on a manikin or task-trainer, speak with an actor as he/she would be the specialists to whom they want to refer the patient.

Dr. Oscar Martinez spoke about Body Interact combination with other simulation tools

According to this learning strategy, students would be working according to Miller’s pyramid. Going from theoretical knowledge to its complete application, either at the level of clinical reasoning, as well as the task execution.

What are the benefits?

According to the University experience presents different benefits such as:

  • Focus on learning by doing
  • Combines learning domains and skills training
  • Encourages work in small groups which increases the number of simulations performed by each student
  • Foster students’ engagement and attention
  • Promotes a more realistic environment
  • It’s based on the competencies of the subject syllabus
  • Students face difficulties and experience the time it takes to do a specific task

In the case of his classes in Obstetrics, as presented in the image below, students integrate knowledge, clinical skills, and attitudes all within the same clinical situation.

An example of the benefits a simtegration scenario can bring to students

We recommend you watch the video to see an example of a Preeclampsia clinical scenario according to the SIMtegration strategy.

by Rita Flores – Body Interact Mkt and Commmunication Responsible

Body Interact Marketing and Communication Responsible, Rita Flores