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Under the motto Reunite – Connect – Advance, the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2022 promoted between the 15 to 19 of January, the much-awaited presential event joining, in Los Angeles, experts, educators, administrators, operation specialists, researchers, innovators, and exhibitors in the field of healthcare simulation.

Body Interact Virtual Patients attended the event and checked all boxes:

  • Reunited – with representatives from Universities, Colleges, Healthcare facilities, High schools, Simulation Centers, and Societies with whom we have been working with;
  • Connected – with experts and curious who were eager to try out and wanted to know more about Body Interact;
  • Advanced – promoting in our booth engaging workshops and through an appealing Learning Lab, that allowed for experiences, good practices, and knowledge to be exchanged, and also showcasing the latest features.
Body Interact booth at IMSH 2022

SIMtegration with Body Interact

Have you tried it out? So, what we propose is to make the best of what you already have available in your simulation center while navigating a clinical scenario of Body Interact. Integrate Body Interact virtual patients with other types of simulators like task trainers, low or high-fidelity manikins, standardized patients to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

Have you made the decision to start compressions for your virtual patient? Stop the simulation and train the procedure in the CPR manikin you have in your simulation lab.
This way you will promote the integration of the reasoning skills Body Interact promotes (clinical reasoning, decision-making, diagnosis, prioritizing, critical thinking skills) with the tasks provided by manikins and/or communication skills with standardized patients.

Multiplayer with Body Interact

Our incredible team is preparing a multiplayer engaging feature so you can assemble a team and dive into a simulated clinical case making a shared decision process, discussion and resolution in real-time.

This cross-platform feature will allow you to invite a group of users to join you live, each one on his own device. Participants will get together in a virtual lobby and start from there, furthermore, clinical reasoning skills, teamwork, and leadership will be put to the test. Different users around the globe can connect simultaneously, and while you may be doing a thorough physical exam, another user in a different continent may start the therapeutical approach to your patient. One’s actions reflect on everyone’s simulation.

Augmented Reality (AR) with Body Interact

What is awesome about using AR is that you can add a layer of simulation to the real world, anytime, anywhere.

With this feature with your Android or iOS device you can do in situ simulations transforming the actual clinical environment into your classroom, or in loco simulations, this way the elements of the place you are at (clinical setting, street, classroom, etc.) become part of the simulation. Envision the possibility to put vital signs in a CPR manikin or having your patient answer questions to your students but having the clinical reasoning and decision-making being done in Body Interact clinical scenario. A world of possibilities!

Workshop at Body Interact booth

Pediatric and Adolescent Clinical Simulation: A growing future!

Dr Ivan Wilmot hosted a Pediatric workshop at Body Interact booth at IMSH 2022

“Pediatric and Adolescent Clinical Simulation: A growing future!” was the name of the workshop hosted by Dr. Ivan Wilmot, from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, at the Body Interact booth. By solving two different clinical scenarios in the pediatric area, Dr. Ivan explained how complex and precise can be the definition of the diagnosis and treatment plan in a baby or child patient.

Additionally, he also mentioned the benefits of practicing with virtual patients, not only for the pre-graduate students but also with the Residents. In his opinion, the software allows the Hospital to “expose the students to a variety of situations, in a standardized way and through a high range of clinical conditions”.

Learning Lab by Body Interact

Body Interact hosted a Learning Lab at IMSH 2022 under the thematic of "Overcoming challenges of Clinical Education with Virtual Patients"

A board of 4 speakers from Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Italy presented the audience with a multicultural perspective on teaching and learning with Virtual Patients, in a session moderated and presented by Take The Wind CEO, Pedro Pinto.

Soon we will share each speaker’s presentation in order to review the benefits of practicing with virtual patients, allied with their experience with Body Interact.

by Daniela Abreu – Body Interact Instructional Designer

Daniela Abreu - Body Interact Instructional Designer