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On the 27th of April of 2022, Body Interact community reunited in the Global Network Event 2022 with a group of amazing speakers coming from different parts of the world and with distinct backgrounds.

International speakers participating at Body Interact 2022 event

This was, once more, an event dedicated to sharing experiences, best practices, and doubts, aiming to provide our community of users (faculty, simulation technicians, management, and business partners) with relevant, insightful, and fresh perspectives on how Body Interact Virtual Patients may be used.

The event had initial remarks by Take The Wind CEO, Pedro Pinto and a brief presentation resuming, from the published literature, the Benefits of Virtual Patients for teaching and learning presented by Take The Wind Instructional Designer, Daniela Abreu, who also had the hosting role.

Review Body Interact Global Network Event 2022 in the following video:

During around 2 hours we had the opportunity to hear about:

  • Putting the tonic on clinical reasoning, Professor Dea Goderdzishvili, presented us with the experience of Tbilisi Medical Academy, in Georgia. with the implementation of Body Interact with 6th-year students and the undergoing pilot taking place with 4th-year students, as a tool for clinical reasoning development;
  • “Evaluation of Virtual Patients (Body Interact as a Technology enhanced learning methodology“, by Professor Redante D. Mendoza, from the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine, in the Philippines;
  • Remote simulation, integration in the healthcare professions curriculums, and overviewing of the guidelines were presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Dentistry, of the Diego Portales University in Chile, Professor Eliana Escudero Zuñiga;
  • Representing Universidade Europea, Professor Pablo Cesar-Sanchez, addressed the opportunity offered by the clinical case in the “role of cognitive debiasing training“;
  • Providing us the opportunity to understand how Body Interact is used in a simulation center, Professor Taysir Said Garadah, presented the learning experience using the virtual patient simulator in a medical simulation center in Bahrain;
  • Promoting the opportunity to overview the path of implementation in the Chabot College Nursing curriculum, Professor Bethany Eytchison-Fung,
  • From Denmark, explaining the experiences with Body Interact in the training of junior doctors in Southern Denmark, by Professor Pierrot Alemany Sekelj;
  • Professor Antonio Marttos, from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, highlighted the utility of Body Interact – Virtual Patients in the implementation of standardized training in courses for healthcare professionals;
  • Bergen Morehose and Jan Mould from HOSA – Future Health Professional, not only explain but showed us how to “use simulation to engage future Health Professionals“, which they do amazingly through Virtual Patients competitions.

The upcoming post will resume each of the speakers’ individual presentations

Jan Mould at Body Interact - Global Network Event 2022

Jan Mould


Professor Pablo Garcia-Sanchez at Body Interact Global Network Event 2022

Pablo Garcia-Sanchez

Fisioterapeuta, PhD

A panoply of interesting subjects was addressed by the speakers, that will surely prove to be useful for our community of users.

If you would like you can take a look at the first edition of the conference: Think Global, Think Virtual, Think ahead.

by Daniela Abreu – Body Interact Instructional Designer

Daniela Abreu - Body Interact Instructional Designer